Why women are pedestalled in reality because

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They're naturally distant and finicky, need for refined.
Hypergamic, and women base their ego on their approval because it is required for being successful.
Man's utility is completely fucked over, in the modern socialist leftist world; they don't need a man. Imagine if the government made most girls ugly in relation to the build-a-bitch model kit from the government that men will get. Then women will feel small and feel like they're without the proper attention, and just ask insecure as we are today as men.
Women always seemed like this ethereal distant divine platform anyway. Naturally. Because they're hypergamic and reserved. And when we notice what they do, groom, refine, makeup, clean, it shows they want the divine things in life. Makes us feel we're being judged in relation to those standards, and men always wanted to chase that feeling...

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