if you've never gotten in a fight

Perceived violence, perceived harassment, perceived bullying, perceived abuse, etc.

you should also be ready to explode any second, you should be conditioned to kill. one moment you are calm, next you are curb stomping someones skull. you are never safe in this world.

i recommend shaving your head bald, injecting test and tren and popping benzos, you will become a fearless warrior.

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too bad none of you incel faggot cucks can fight or even throw a punch,lol.Anyone here will get knocked the fuck out in their first fight.Assuming they even have the balls to in the first place.

i beat niggas in the bus
they always be on some other shit lookin for problems
i teach them a lesson and run away

Haven't been in a fight since I got out of my teens. I've seen a lot of horror stories where I live because nobody stops when the other guy gets knocked out. They just keep stomping them.

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