What do Caucasians see in their peripheral vision, FOV?

I am an Asian who has no idea how much of their nose Caucasians (especially for those with extremely deep-set eyes, very prominent and low brow ridges, and high noses like Brian Shimansky or Rishi Idnani) can see. I also wonder if they are distracted by their nose.

Also, what are their visual fields (nasal, upward, and downward) in degrees?

These articles have made me think of this question: http://pizzawithrice.blogspot.com/2012/ ... l.html?m=1

https://www.quora.com/Not-to-be-racist- ... eir-vision (comment of 3rd answer by Dale Thomas: "I did always want to ask. Do Caucasian men see their eyebrows and forehead? Is there any impact on vision?")
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No bro, we don’t see our browridge, we can see our eyelashes , our noses and barely our eyebrows if we squint hard. I doubt I can see much more of my nose than you can.

My eyes aren’t deep set, just normal Caucasian male eyes, my peripheral vision is very good and broad


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