"We drink alcohol"

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"We drink alcohol".
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"The world is just fine the way it is. You're the problem. Not us."

"We fight for minorities and women's rights".
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"Islam is a religion of peace. White people and Israel are the problem. Trump needs to be impeached. Religion is stupid."
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"Abortion is a woman's choice."
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"We watched Black Panther. We're gonna go punch some Nazis."
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"We watch women's MMA".
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They make these faces because their lives suck and they can't have a natural laugh so they fake it. Like HAHAHA i am so glad that my wife is cucking me, AHAHA you incel creeps are jealous AHAHA i am not insecure about her being fucked by other men.

PaulieJurkiewicz wrote:They make these faces because

because subconsciencly they except a cock in their mouth
Life is a whore, just pay your dues and fuck her hard

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