Target Disk Mode not working

I have a Macbook Pro (Retina 15" mid 2015) running OS X 10.11.6. I am trying to connect a MacBook (13" mid 2009) in target disk mode to the Macbook Pro. The Macbook's startup disk is full and it will not boot except in Recovery mode or target disk mode. There is apparently a misbehaving app that is gobbling up disk I want to access the Macbook's disk in target mode to delete some files and make room. I have the Macbook connected to the Macbook Pro using a Belkin Firewire 2M cable 9 pin/6pin-ZML connected to an Apple Thunderbolt - Firewire Adapter. Macbook boots into target disk mode, showing the Firewire logo on the Macbook screen. Macbook Pro doesn't recognize this target disk in Finder. Disk Utility on MacBook Pro recognizes the target disk as APPLE Target Media, with a MacIntosh HD partition.

Highlite the APPL Firewire Target Media and it shows:

o Macintosh HD
159.83 GB
Location: External | Capacity 160.04 GB
Connection: Firewire | Child Count: 3
Partition Map: GUID partition | Type: Disk
S.M.A.R.T. status - Not supported | Device: Disk 3

Highlight Macintosh HD and it shows:

Macintosh HD
159.18 GB Firewire External Physical Volume OS X Extended
Mount Point: Not Mounted | Type: Firewire External Physical Volume
Capacity: 159.18 GB | Available: Zero KB
Used: 159.18 GB | Owners: Disabled
Device: disk2s2 | Connection: Firewire

NOTE: When I tried to Mount Macintosh HD, The External APPL Firewire Target Disk got listed multiple times (last count 10), with the only differences being Device: disk3s2, disk4s2.....disk10s2

Any suggestions???

It could be: bad connection (bad/finicky TB ports, and/or cable). If you have another TB cable, you should try it. You can also try the second TB port on each machine. If it is not the TB connection (port-cable-port), it is possible that the target machine has a failing or failed HD. Just like any external HD, if it is not fully functional, or formatted in Mac-friendly format (we know yours is because it is/was a boot drive), it won't mount...or stay mounted. Any chance the drive itself is damaged or failing? FYI, the behavior sounds correct: if a machine has multiple ports that support TDM, such as TB and FW, you get 2 icons. When one is used (a connection is made), that icon stays. You made a TB connection, and the TB icon remained. Sounds like this machine may also have a FW800 port. If so...and your machine has a FW800 port too, you could try a FW800 cable to rule out the TB ports and cable. ... -mode.html
If all goes well, a big Firewire symbol will float across the screen.

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