Ok so let me TELL the truth now bros

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I don’t actually have that virus. I just got my first actual test results back TODAY. Unless I have an unknown or very rare strain of virus, I’m clear. In fact, I still don’t even have herpes simplex 1 or 2, gonorrhea, chlamydia, Hep C, syphilis, or of course HIV.

I strongly believed I did, and this was based off of legitimate potential exposures, however protected the sex was, where the other party was of a high risk category.

My belief that I had hiv was based off of very real empirical differential diagnoses based on a multitude of symptoms. To list them-
1. Nausea and GI upset
(And refusal to eat, no appetite, subsequently losing 4 pounds)
2. Night sweats and extreme hyperhidrosis of the palms and feet
3. Enlarged painful lymph nodes, (Lymphadenitis) on multiple locations on the head and trunk, which still even persist today
4. Candida growth on tongue (white tongue)
5. UTI and epididymitis (aka ball pain, turns out it wasn’t even from the clap or chlamydia though)
6. Sore throat
7. Chills and extreme fatigue
8. Myalgia (sore muscles and weakness)
9. Peripheral neuropathy
10. Forgetfulness
11. Constant mild headache
12. Occasional Bone/joint pain

These are telltale signs of acute HIV infection or even AIDS. Throw the random UTI and ball pain in there, the lymph nodes and subtract what could make this differential diagnosis tip towards a flu or mono or cold (lack of nasal symptoms and fever) and I was put into a living nightmare of anxiety and dread for two weeks.

If Gymcel or probably even other users here were to have had my symptoms in the window of urgency and with the risks I had taken, I believe they may have actually managed to kill themselves from the stress. So bad, I was praying to god in delirium and utterly distraught beyond the brink at the peak of these symptoms, and absolutely tearing myself apart inside. I thought I was seroconverting.

I made that post as a way of hopefully accepting my plight in advance.

The post I made about 10 days ago was someone else’s HIV test results. If you look you see that they also got tested for tuberculosis and malaria, which are totally irrelevant to me since I don’t ever go to the tropics/third world/Africa, Africa being the location of the dude whose results I put up. I’m not sure why it didn’t come up in reverse image search, but it’s searchable on google images under “positive HIV test” or some shit like that.

Just fucking lol though, all this promiscuity I got into and I don’t even got fucking herpes yet. Fucking lol.

I’m never doing sex with a stranger or a person with a Y chromosome again unless they’re definitely negative , and not for years to come minimum. If I do anything I’m sticking to grinding and first-second base shit
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Anyhow now I gotta get tested for lymphoma and other cancers and also mononucleosis probably.
May even get screened for HIV2 which is extremely rare in the Americas

The only typical HIV symptoms I didn’t get were a skin rash and coughing, but I did actually get a tiny single herpes-like lesion/spot of rash, kind of reminiscent of chickenpox or measles, but I dismissed it since it was so limited and easily could have been something completely unrelated

I told you on other thread you don't have anything
HIV is a fucking myth which don't exists
the multitude of symptoms you are listing belong to each disease

Fabie wrote:I told you on other thread you don't have anything
HIV is a fucking myth which don't exists
the multitude of symptoms you are listing belong to each disease


Da fuck? You don’t believe in HIV?

HIV 80-90% of the time causes an acute illness similar to the flu or mono or strep often accompanied by a rash and opportunistic fungal or bacterial infections which then subsides after few weeks. This Acute illness can take 2-30 weeks to set in. This is usually just a viral defense reaction and has less to do with bad opportunistic pathogens,

After that it’s usually several years up to a decade or two of little symptoms preceding AIDS, but the virus can progress in a couple or few years to full blown AIDS in some cases. Once AIDS has set in, THEN individual pathogens amd autoimmune problems and cancers begin to destroy your body and mind quickly.

Acute HIV= just your body trying to fight a virus which can’t be destroyed and viral count is maxed- feels like a bad regular illness
Post acute HIV= your body stops it’s acute fighting of HIV and you now have antibodies and a lower viral count
AIDS= several years later your body succumbs , viral count goes high again, T cells are critically low , the body succumbs

HIV don't exists believe me, is a scam invented by pseudocientifics as Gallo and the other scammer Montagnier
they gone rich with that scam,
They killed thousands of faggots with the AZT in the 80s and in the 90s

I know a pair of sluts which were diagnosed with HIV in the end of the 90s, they are still alive and fucking chodes in the daily basis
I fucked one of them several times bareback and never tested positive

the tests for HIV positive are a scam, both the elisa and Western Blot , you can test positive if you had herpes or syphilis or any other shit lke that

what really exists is the AIDS, but is caused by drug abuse, malnutrition ,bad lifestyle etc

start watch this vid

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