I don't wanna argue with Bimbo anymore

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He's pretty funny and I secretly enjoy his teasing of me sometimes. Especially when he use to say grow a set of balls not a set of tits. I enjoyed the banter overall. He does come up with the best nicknames for people here as well. Whiteshit and Iloveallmen were two of my favorites.

It's hard to stay mad when he says stuff like your tits hang lower than your balls etc. It's stuff that initially pisses me off sometimes but then I actually enjoy what he will say next. Which is why sometimes I egg him on to see what else he will come up with.

necrotoxic's trolling of bimbo and spheres was very funny too at the same time. Brokeback Ricefield is the funniest thing I've ever heard in recent years here. Keep in mind Necrotoxic used to troll me a great deal as well.

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