IncelJoshua's lifts are below novice standards

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I'm 130 lbs 11% body fat shredded af
I dead lift 200x3

Get your numbers right faggot
Unlike you i have gymcelled only for a month or so.

You still have a hard time benching more than 200 after years of gymcelling. Fucking ridiculous. If u think u can put me down by my ability to lift then how are you more sophisticated than a nigger?

Go fix ur bitch tits first before taunting me with a female chart you pussy

After years of gymceling lol? I only started benching like 2 years ago. I bench more than 225 lbs at 170 lbs so how is that shit tier? 2 plates is when you get to bro-tier terrority to begin with.

Plus you are even scrawnier than I fucking thought 130 lbs at 5'9" holy shit and you want to fight me? :lol: I'd literally put you in the ER with one punch.

Oh wow its up 5 lbs after like a year. :lol:

Yeah sure. You mog me by 50 lbs of fat. What's impressive about that?

inceljoshua wrote:Yeah sure. You mog me by 50 lbs of fat. What's impressive about that?

Keep coping

inceljoshua wrote:Prove me wrong

I can't I don't look ripped or jacked. Only proof I have I go to the gym is my lifts and somewhat my cardio. Even though 2 miles in under 15 mins isn't very impressive. So if I cut anymore I'll lose all my strength and get laughed at and mogged by scrawny guys. I'm just waiting for my anavar and clen.

Because if I don't get genes for low bodyfat ripped shredded look I don't see why I can't use roids. Even though they caused me to start going bald earlier. Plus I will need to take on cycle support and PCT to keep from getting gyno again because when I did dbol I didn't take any PCT or on cycle support and I had worse gyno of my life.

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