Show me how do you eat (how often, calories, etc.)

2600 calories to maintain my weight, but usually I eat either under or over that slightly rather than exactly 2600

21-2200 calories when losing weight

I usually don't eat a few hours before bed or for a couple hours after waking, then I eat 2-3 meals and 0-3 snacks (fruit or carrots, something small)

Diet: 105 grams of protein, 100 fat, 300 carbs
I don't count or obsess over any of this these are just averages

At least 70g of protein comes from animals on the average day

I take the standard American diet, subtract some cal to be at a healthy weight, add in more fruits/veg/whole foods like avocado/coconut/potato/egg and substitute in some of the carbs/fat for 5-10 more grams of protein. For a small treat, instead of a coca cola with sugar I would eat a chocolate bar or a small milkshake with fruit


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