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Ight, so it's been a bit quiet here and I thought I made a post.
I heard Queendom is a good site for an IQ test
My channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBncbgu9hmBF3LKm9q-JCLw/

Aesthetics Dr Lux wrote:Damn, we are tired of seeing SuperMan and JapanMan in your Sig. Too much to scroll down (ggrrr).

InB4: At least I have a reason for my long Sig -- I got propaganda to disseminate in this Forum.
Gymcel Chronicles wrote:Society creates monsters much like Dr Frankenstein but takes 0 responsibility as normalfags do.
mrz wrote:Some people deserve to die and they should be killed ASAP
nada para fazer wrote:Both tyger and superincel are very bad people


It doesn't result quantitatively, only qualitatively with the exception of paying for a personalized result.

If you want a complete IQ test, you must search for the CFNSE.
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victim count : 40

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O Gandy lend me your protection from this inferno
Bless me to emerge as one of your dearest infants
Interdict me from drowning in the abyss of darkness
Turn me into Holy light that brings surety to the masses
Shall I duck the catastrophe would be thanks to you

ConcernedBimbo wrote:It doesn't result quantitatively, only qualitatively with the exception of paying for a personalized result.

I see.

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