I am getting admitted to a mental health facility

I just told my mom I have asperger syndrome and think of suicide a lot. She told my psychiatrist about this and he told her to bring me to the hospital.

It might help me get better cause my aspergers is getting worse I think. But I can't think clearly right now. And my disease ducks. I can't function in society anymore. I am having an emotional meltdown.

What am I blabbering about. Aspies suck at emphaty so this is just going to be me talking.

Okay so the above post was due to me smoking a cigarette which caused my anxiety to increase.

But I do believe I suffer from some sort of epileptic disorder. Aspies are more likely to develop one in their life. Is there any respite from all this pain?

I also suffer from dystonia. Which means I lack muscle tone. That means I'll never get an aesthetic body. I'll also be really clumsy and get knocked down easily plus be bad at sports and be weak compared to how big I look.

I might also suffer from a thought disorder. I might suffer from epilepsy or a similar condition. I might suffer from psychosis. I might suffer from schizophrenia. I think I mgiht also suffer from major depressive disorder which I don't think will ever be fixed since I seem to get serotonin syndrome from SSRIS.

Can my life can get any worse?

My pschyiatrist thinks I'm schizotypal and wants to hospitalize me against my parent's wishes and is threatening to call the police if I don't comply. But I think I am only Asperger and they have overlapping symptoms and my psychologist also agrees I have ASD.

Any advice? I don't wanna go there. Helpp.

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