Pxndx again (La vida en el barandal)

I fucking love this song by them. The previous album from this one, Poetics, was a let down for me. Probably their weakest album. But they redeemed themselves with this album called Bonanza. Every time I listen to this song, I am reminded of some past memories from Mexico and also future possibilities. It also makes me think a lot about going ER and the time I've spent on this world for some odd reason. Very mature lyrics and a great sound. You guys can probably look at the translated lyrics if you really did like this song, but I'll leave it here. Believe me, if you understood the lyrics then you can probably enjoy this song as much as I do.

Here's one of my fave parts that I'm listening to right now which is the intro:
What else is there to believe.
Evolution I've lost you faith.
The decline commands since yesterday.
Religion replaces thinking.
Art only produces degeneracy.
Love is just an ideal.
Never... regret...
The good thing about the past being yesterday, is that sooner or later it'll come

Something like that. Anyway, this post is too long for a song. Enjoy :)

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