Beautiful song w/ mesmerizing imagery

This song is called The Suburbs (cont.) and it's from the album The Suburbs by Arcade Fire. It's actually a great album. I own it since I love pretty much all the songs in the album. This is the last track of the album and it's a continuation of the first song from the album. This is not the official video but a fan-made one. They used old 8mm videos for it to give it a marvelous effect. Check it out!
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Gives a creepy vibe, brah. :?
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Ubiquiphile wrote:Gives a creepy vibe, brah. :?

Lmao the song or the vid

SuperIncel93 wrote:
Ubiquiphile wrote:Gives a creepy vibe, brah. :?

Lmao the song or the vid


Gymcel Chronicles wrote:
DanielLee5 wrote:Both song and video are gorgeous, thanks for having shared this!

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Apr 1, 2015


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Hi there! Wow, it is a really great song here, I have to say. I never hear about this band before, honestly... Shame! :D I have already downloaded it to my PC using the tool from By the way, guys, do you get some music from YouTube too? Do you think it is wrong? I guess it is ok to download such music as it is free online. Anyway, I like the song and I have been listening to some other things from them and I really enjoy it, I have to say. Thanks for sharing!

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