If Ona Lina ever procreates

Aesthetics Dr Lux wrote:OP: That is no tranny -- just some kind of 'furry' phantasist. Ona cannot bear children due to being the postop tranny. People ask me why I don't adopt a child. Seriously, I would be a bad parent due to my passive-aggressiveness, neuroticism, OCPD, and PTSD.

you've only talked of having OCPD since i made my OCD thread lol.

Aesthetics Dr Lux wrote:Princess: Only recently, Ona began to talk of OCPD -- but she had it for much of her adult life. As a child, and a girly boy, Ona did suffer some symptoms of OCD -- but they went away in adulthood.

yea you talked about that on my thread haha. thats cool tho. no surprise since you are high IQ. iirc theres a correlation between higher IQ and OCD.

Looking at that picture I am not connvicined that "thing" will be a produce of Ona.

He still looks far too sane to be even conceivable for it to be the offspring of one whom is demented as a vegetable, ona
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