I just made a "Feet & Shoes" subforum

Suggestions for board features and changes.

Too much subforums you subhuman.

Only shitty advice is used.
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People get use to it, I like it now we can find more easily stuff.

Though SA is over-flooded with chit, I guess here are no active moderators.
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IQ is niche thing (here). But what-about BB.

Problem is that we do not have active users.

We don't have many users because this site doesn't even show on Google.

I see that some people are using sub-forums, they do post where those post belong. Though, I see that we have problem with people who do not do it, and we have basically no-one here who cleans that up.

Also, maybe we need directories for best SA threads. Or some ranking system. So people could find those more easily. ... someone should do little advertising for us.

though we have some tagging systems already (like hall of fame), but it's not enough

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