Chocolate is good for OCD

If you're obsessive-compulsive, I recommend eating dark chocolate 3 times a week. This is no joke. I feel more relaxed, almost lazy. I don't feel compelled to clean and organize things just for the hell of it. My ordinary routines are enough, no extra effort needed. It makes life more peaceful.

I've heard it said that OCD is about serotonin imbalance, and dark chocolate boosts serotonin.

I have ADHD, what can I do to counter it?
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I've been called a perfectionist, a slacker, etc. I am a college drop out presently.

I've also spenty formative years age 12-21 behind a computer, and age 18-21 constantly using an iPhone. This has been extremely detrimental to my ability and willingness to focus.

Will drugs solve the root of my problems? No


You and me are really alike boyo. I wonder if the differences are due to socioeconomic reasons...

Tfw hyperfocus is the only good trait my autism gave me. 8-)
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