I want to post a pic of me shirtless

but im afraid i get called a fraud or it gets archived by the faggots here
victim count : 40

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O Gandy lend me your protection from this inferno
Bless me to emerge as one of your dearest infants
Interdict me from drowning in the abyss of darkness
Turn me into Holy light that brings surety to the masses
Shall I duck the catastrophe would be thanks to you

ConcernedBimbo wrote:but im afraid i get called a fraud or it gets archived by the faggots here

I already saw your picture, didn't I?

Or was that phaclogage?


Some lean 5'9" kid with a nice v-taper and slightly bronze-med skin posted their pic here

i didnt post a pic shirtless boyos.
i posted dat one showcasing mah nice back shoulders and nice booty
i was wearing a blue shirt and light brown pants

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