Cock size correlates negatively with Intellectual Quotient

This is an interesting fact that I bring up to light for you all to see. fucktheworldman, you little incel... your IQ is still lower than mine and the same goes for your microcock.

The highest national IQ average belongs to Korea.

Koreans are gooks, the most subhuman race on the planet. This fact is justified by Korea being the country that hosts the most cosmetic surgery in proportion to its population: 74 procedures per 10,000 people. Penile enlargement surgery statistics are unavailable, but it would most probably be mind boggling to see as they would have the highest rate of this type of cosmetic surgery as well. This also adds to the fact that no one on the planet is more self-conscious than a gook; seen by most as the subhuman species that fucks like a rabbit (China = 1.4 billion people; 0.85 billion increase in 50 years). Gooks are also short of stature. Averaging a merely inflated 170cm for males. Inflation is caused by the gooks' new found popularity in leg lengthening surgery as claims this article.

---> ... t-dangers/

In reality, the average height would be lower, maybe even lower than Africa's Kenya average of 169 cm for males, which is low due to poor nutrition and health. In comparison, Korea is a much more evolved country with premium health care and welfare for each of its inhabitants and, yet, pathetically, the average height would be lower.
All of this points to the fact that Koreans, as well as the other less evolved gooks, are genetic trash.

In the middle, we have average cucks, aka the whites (Legit theory is true).
Netherlands is the most eye-catching.
The Netherlands heightmogs the whole planet. The males average 184 cm. I suspect HGH injection in alimentary products by the government.
In the Netherlands, there is 80% small dicked dutch men and 20% ethnics/BBCs. The 20% plays a significant role in maintaining the average COCK size high. In fact, it is 15.87cm in that country. Thanks to the ethnics averaging 24 cm and the ducks at 13 cm, the average comes to be that famous 15.87 cm. On the other hand. The low IQ ethnics standing at 90 (better than ghetto niggers thanks to the education system) and the whitecels at 105, the average is 102. The same average that is reported here. ---> ... verage-iq/

Holland is not what it appears to be. Despite being presented as an exceptional country, it contains more latent defects than the cheap 500,000$ duplex that I recently bought (2 months ago). When those defects are brought to shine under the light, that superiority "image" rapidly crumbles away with the lies that initially constructed it.

The lowest IQ average goes to Kenya.
Kenya's population is 100% BBC.
In a semi-utopian world where Kenya would benefit from a good education, the average IQ would be on the same level as that of ghetto niggers which would be 85. Kenyans and ghetto niggers are supposedly sharing 99.5% of their DNA. By using this fact, we come to conclude that the average cock must be in the 24-30 cm range.

BBCs are the most evolved species on this planet. It is normal that they would underperform on a test that discriminates every other race by being specifically adapted/designed for whitecels/gooks.

There you have it, folks, the lower your IQ the bigger your cock. (which is not true for me btw)

If we were to eliminate autistics and deformed handicapped incels from the data that constructed the following graph, we would definitely see a pronounced negative slope, reinforcing even more my assumption that cock points are traded for IQ.
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Thanks, but I'm already dealing with information overflow.

when i see a long text i dont even read it unless its interesting

That's good for me, I guess. That explains EVERYTHING! :oops:
We Incels must unite to defeat the Normies! :uzi: :uzi: :uzi:



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