It's bullshit suicide is frowned upon

I was born into this world without my consent and now my parents want to keep me around because they'll feel sad if I kill myself. I had no fucking choice in the matter and they're selfish enough to tell me to stay alive even though all of my suffering originates from their decision not to use birth control. Life is such a fucking joke.
You either die an incel or live long enough to become the beta bux

here's an idea, dude. study how to create wealth, read books written by rich people, and learn how to become rich.

or develop some skill like programming or writing, any skill which can be done through online freelance work. then start making at least 1000 dollars a month from your online work, and you can work anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

Then move to Cambodia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, etc, and bang hot Asian prostitutes all day.
i finally wrote the official manifesto of SlutHate and /pol/, check it out

Determinism kinda ruined my umph for life. I feel like a spectator trapped in a story
Only attractive girls can truly judge when a guy is actually attractive.

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