Why are Indians so inferior?

Anything having to do with race, including the attractiveness of races.

Like why are they so inferior. I mean, just LOOK at this shit-skinned turd. He is uglier than sin:


Here too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqAK8jKKI5A

And this guy, he's so weak and puny; an ugly, beta piece of shit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=peZfHAOwP7Q


The first fucker blows Bradley Cooper out of the water, forget about the rest. And I've seen dudes 10X better looking than him, with Pinkish-White skin, in New Delhi. The second one is alpha and handsome enough to blow most dudes in Hollywood out of the water.

Here's a TINY little example of the Aryan dick that's about the penetrate your mleccha pussies:

That guy is STILL Average at BEST compared to the best looking upper-caste Aryas in North and North West India who are between 85-95% Caucasian according to the results on 23andme: http://imgur.com/j8Uedov

Don't believe me? Well the pictures speak for themselves. Here is an ENTIRE fucking gallery of Aryan aesthetics:

http://www.pbase.com/rahul/male -- This is for the men.
http://www.pbase.com/rahul/female -- This is for the women.

Keep in mind these galleries represent men and women that are below average to average AT BEST. The true beauties like this whore: http://media2.intoday.in/indiatoday/ima ... 111839.jpg -- stay indoors to avoid being raped by the lower caste subhumans and rarely appear in media. But even these below-average to average hoes are enough to rape most women in the west. And they don't eat curry like those subhumans in South India do, so they can't smell like curry powder -- also known as Madras Curry Powder, eponymous to the city it originates from -- which also happens to be a British invention in many ways, after they fell in love with its aroma and taste in India. They eat actual human spice blends and masalas and smell like the very perfume that they invented -- Sandalwood.

I myself look like a jacked, better looking version of this guy: http://www.fanphobia.net/uploads/actors ... Kapoor.jpg

Needless to say, I slay like no tomorrow. Jelly much?

And never forget, Indians are not a race. They are a conglomerate of disparate ethnic and racial groups united under a common national identity, which itself is always being contested. Despite that, the upper-caste Aryas in India can be thought of as a much more homogenous racial and ethnic group, as opposed to the common subhumans in India. Here I have highlighted the 20% of Indians who are Aryas/Upper Castes, and they can, in no way, be considered inferior to anyone, anywhere in the world. This is what Herbert Hope Risley, the godfather of Indo-British Anthropology and the President of the Royal Anthropological institute, said about the Upper-Caste Aryas of India:

He noted: "The existence of different races of men in Bengal, the Aryan and the aboriginal. The former is represented by the Brahmans, Rajput and Sikhs. These generally have tall forms, light complexion and fine noses, and are in general appearance superior to the middle class of the Europeans. The Kols are a specimen of the latter. They have short stature, dark complexion and snub noses, and approach the African blacks in appearance ...the higher [a man's] origin, the more he resembles the Europeans in appearance" (Risley 1891). Image of the exact quote: http://i.imgur.com/wisDN5q.png

In other words, according to the British Anthropologist Herbert Hope Risley, a supremely racist man himself and a very learned officer of the British empire, the Aryan Indians are a different race from the lower-caste subhumans that you fuckers criticize, and are SUPERIOR in GENERAL APPEARANCE to the MIDDLE CLASS OF EUROPEANS -- which means that they are superior in aesthetics and beauty to both lower- and middle-class Europeans and EQUAL to the very best UPPER-CLASS EUROPEANS in aesthetics and beauty. Go back and read that again for more emphasis -- Risley essentially conceded that Aryas are equal to the best of European society's most beautiful individuals.

Furthermore, since the dawn of anthropology, all prominent anthropologists have recognized the presence of a pure, super-fine featured and robust structured race of Mediterraneans and Iranids/Irano-Afghans in India, who are no different in their membership to the Mediterranean race than their Spanish cousins in Europe: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mediterranean_race

From the source in the article above:
"Our area, from Morocco to Afghanistan, is the homeland and cradle of the Mediterranean race. Mediterraneans are found also in Spain, Portugal, most of Italy, Greece and the Mediterranean islands, and in all these places, as in Southwest Asia, they form the major genetic element in the local populations. In a dark-skinned and finer-boned form they are also found as the major population element in Pakistan and northern India ... The Mediterranean race, then, is indigenous to, and the principal element in, the Southwest Asia"

"Since, however, it is the action of this element upon the Mediterranean family which is important here, it will be easier to study this zone after having surveyed the population of a third belt, that occupied by the purest living representatives of the Mediterranean race. This third racial zone stretches from Spain across the Straits of Gibraltar to Morocco, and thence along the southern Mediterranean shores into Arabia, East Africa, Mesopotamia, and the Persian highlands; and across Afghanistan into India. This zone is one of comparative racial simplicity."

And according to all the latest genetic and anthropological classifications and studies, Indians are Caucasians and cluster closer to Euros than the North Africans, Berbers, or the Lapps/Sami from Eastern Finland do:

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-gxYfCRJ_f-g/U ... netics.jpg
http://www.holtz.org/Library/Images/Sli ... 201991.GIF
http://s653.photobucket.com/user/Tyrano ... 7.jpg.html
https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/ ... r_Tree.png
http://www.nature.com/ng/journal/v33/n3 ... 113-F1.gif
http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-58gtyrDSW3c/U ... ompare.jpg

And the higher-caste Aryas cluster much closer to Euros than the other Indians even. The genetic distance between Sardinians (the "purest" Euros) and Finns (Northern Euros) is equal to the genetic distance between Finns and Upper-Caste North Indians. And the genetic distance between Lapps/Saami and the Sardinians is equal to the distance between Lapps/Saami and Punjabi, Kashmiri and Hindi-speaking Indians. Chad, say hello to your cousins.

It seems the Euro men worldwide have already recognized the existence of these Aryas, both the men and the women, which would explain why they are marrying some of the best Arya women, including the Bollywood actresses, Miss India Beauty Pageant winners, Indian Supermodels, and other Indian beauty queens. Here are some of the Aryan Indian women who are beauty queens and Bollywood actresses who have married men from different countries in Europe:

http://www.maharaniweddings.com/gallery ... -portraits
http://media.santabanta.com/newsite/cin ... twins3.jpg
http://st1.bollywoodlife.com/wp-content ... 135055.jpg
http://static.indianexpress.com/m-image ... Celina.jpg
http://www.littleindia.com/files.php?fi ... /love4.jpg
http://farm1.static.flickr.com/33/10018 ... 266d24.jpg
http://www.sareedreams.com/wp-content/u ... y-sari.jpg
http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2009/04/ ... 68x641.jpg

Even Michael Phelps was dating an Indian girl, and even proposed to her before she broke up abrutply: https://zwemza.files.wordpress.com/2013 ... -ami-1.jpg

And so many more to list......the point is -- everyone wins in this situation -- both the Indian Aryan men and the Euro Aryan men -- as there is an equal exchange of women and genes on both sides.

Get ready for the Aryan invasion fuckers.
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Oh yeah, and to those fuckers that doubt the mental prowess of the true Aryas:

http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/abhaey- ... 00137.html

http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/abhaey- ... 26483.html

http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/abhaey- ... 82950.html

http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/abhaey- ... 21099.html

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_I ... iscoveries

And these are not even CLOSE to the complete list of inventions and discoveries made by Indian Aryas, not to mention the fact that Wealth, Steel, Textiles, Shipbuilding industries, and manpower and mathematics from India is what laid the foundation for and provided the funds and brainpower and labor for the Industrial revolution that changed the world forever. More evidence:

" In his article, Indic Mathematics: India and the Scientific Revolution, Dr. David Grey lists some of the most important developments in the history of mathematics that took place in India, summarizing the contributions of luminaries such as Aryabhata, Brahmagupta, Mahavira, Bhaskara, and Madhava. He concludes by asserting, "the role played by India in the development (of the scientific revolution in Europe) is no mere footnote, easily and inconsequentially swept under the rug of Eurocentric bias. To do so is to distort history, and to deny India one of its greatest contributions to world civilizations."

Lin Yutang, Chinese scholar and author, also wrote that: "India was China's teacher in trigonometry, quadratic equations, grammar, phonetics..." and so forth. Francois Voltaire also stated: "... everything has come down to us from the banks of the Ganges."

Referring to the above quotes, David Osborn concludes thus: "From these statements we see that many renowned intellectuals believed that the Vedas provided the origin of scientific thought."

The Syrian astronomer / monk Severus Sebokhy (writing CE 662), as expressed by A. L. Basham in his book The Wonder That Was India (p. 6), explained, "I shall now speak of the knowledge of the Hindus... Of their subtle discoveries in the science of astronomy – discoveries even more ingenious than those of the Greeks and Babylonians – of their rational system of mathematics, or of their method of calculation which no words can praise strongly enough – I mean the system using nine symbols. If these things were known by the people who think that they alone have mastered the sciences because they speak Greek, they would perhaps be convinced, though a little late in the day, that other folk, not only Greeks, but men of a different tongue, know something as well as they."

There have been many scholars, both old and new, who readily agree and point out the progressive nature of the early advancements found in ancient India's Vedic tradition. So let us take a quick overview of some of what was known and developed in earlier times in the Vedic culture of the East.

American professor Jabez T. Sunderland (1842-1936), President of the India Information Bureau of America, spent many years in India. He was the author of India in Bondage, wherein he wrote, "India created the beginnings of all sciences and she carried some of them to a remarkable degree of development, thereby leading the world. India has produced great literature, great arts, great philosophical systems, great religions, and great men in every department of life–rulers, statesmen, financiers, scholars, poets, generals, colonizers, skilled artisans and craftsmen of every kind, agriculturalists, industrial organizers, and leaders in far reaching trade and commerce by land and sea."

Sunderland went on to say, "India was a far greater industrial and manufacturing nation than any in Europe or than any other in Asia. Her textile goods–the fine products of her loom, in cotton, wool, linen, and silk–were famous over the civilized world; so were her exquisite jewelry and her precious stones, cut in every lovely form; so were her pottery, porcelains, ceramics of every kind, quality, color and beautiful shape; so were her fine works in metal iron, steel, silver, and gold. She had great architecture–equal in beauty to any in the world. She had great engineering works... Not only was she the greatest ship-building nation, but she had great commerce and trade by land and sea which extended to all known civilized countries." 3

In India in Bondage, Sunderland also quotes Lord Curzon, the British statesman who was viceroy in India from 1899 to 1905, as saying in his address delivered at the great Delhi Durbar in 1901: "Powerful empires existed and flourished here [in India] while Englishmen were still wandering, painted in the woods, while the English colonies were a wilderness and a jungle. India has left a deeper mark upon the history, the philosophy, and the religion of mankind, than any other terrestrial unit in the universe."

Lord Curzon had also stated: "While we [the British] hold onto India, we are a first rate power. If we lose India, we will decline to a third rate power. This is the value of India."

Similar to this, Beatrice Pitney Lamb, former editor of the United Nations News, first visited India in 1949 on an assignment for the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, writes in her book, India: A World in Transition: "In addition to the still visible past glories of art and architecture, the wonderful ancient literature, and other cultural achievements of which educated Indians are justly proud, the Indian past includes another type of glory most tantalizing to the Indians of today–prolonged material prosperity. For well over a millennium and a half, the Indian subcontinent may have been the richest area in the world." 4

Many other writers and scholars had commented on their high regard for what had been developed in India. For example, to recognize a few, General Joseph Davey Cunningham (1812-1851) author of A History of the Sikhs, writes: "Mathematical science was so perfect and astronomical observations so complete that the paths of the sun and moon were accurately measured."

There was much admiration even of the language of India. William Cooke Taylor (1800-1849), author of A Popular History of British India, stated in Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, Vol. II: "It was an astonishing discovery that Hindusthan possessed, in spite of the changes of the realms and changes of time, a language of unrivaled richness and variety; a language, the parent of all those dialects that Europe has fondly called classical–the source alike of Greek flexibility and Roman strength." 5

French scholar Buffon presented a coherent theory that scholars of ancient India had preserved the old learning from the creators of its sciences, arts, and all useful institutions. Voltaire had also suggested that sciences were more ancient in India than in Egypt. Russian born philosopher Immanuel Kant placed the origin of mankind in the Himalayas and stated that our arts like agriculture, numbers, even the game of chess, came from India.

German scholar Friedrich Schlegel also had a high regard for India, stating that everything of high philosophy or science is of Indian origin. French scholar and judge Louis Jacolliot, in his Bible in India, writes: "Astonishing fact! The Hindu Revelation (Vedas) is of all revelations the only one whose ideas are in perfect harmony with modern science, as it proclaims the slow and gradual formation of the world." Of course, we can see the videos in which the astrophysicist Carl Sagan says, "The Hindu religion is the only one of the world's great faiths, dedicated to the idea that the cosmos itself undergoes an immense, indeed, an infinite number of deaths and births. It is the only religion in which the time scales correspond to those of modern cosmology."

In addition, they have the highest average IQ (112) of all ethnic groups in the U.S; 112, which is at the 80th percentile of the US IQ distribution, and which is higher than the Ashkenazi Jews, who have the highest average IQs in general: http://pumpkinperson.com/2014/09/29/the ... americans/

A non-comprehensive list of famous Indian Americans; doesn't include a lot of omissions, in addition to famous Indians in other countries throughout the diaspora in the world: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Indian_Americans

Despite being the latest immigrants, they have made as much as, or much more of a positive impact on American society than many other, older immigrant groups.

Aryas also profess Hinduism: The most complex, scientifically accurate, and oldest religion on Earth, whose praises everyone from Thoreau to Oppenheimer to Schrodinger et al have sung: http://www.hinduwisdom.info/quotes1_20.htm

And the Aryas are no slouches in warfare either. Along with being the best warriors on planet earth, and pioneering some of the most advanced weapons technology, from the sharpest and best swords, to the largest cannon, to the use of rockets in warfare, to the first use of cannons and elephants in war, Aryas are also some of the fiercest, if not THE strongest, fiercest warriors of all, hence being given the epithet "The Warrior Race/Martial Race" by the British observers. Even today, a Sikh guards the queen in her personal escort. They are bar none, the best warriors on planet earth, largely in part due to their high T-levels, which are the highest among all groups of men, higher than Negroids too: https://ethnicmuse.files.wordpress.com/ ... .jpg?w=584

This is easily observable in the Indo Aryan Men who are athletic:
http://i.iplsc.com/sim-bhullar-z-lewej- ... 116-F4.jpg
http://www.thetallestman.com/images/sim ... 813%29.jpg
http://static.sportskeeda.com/wp-conten ... 358261.jpg
http://haryanaabtak.com/wp-content/uplo ... 0/2139.jpg

Brains + Brawn + Beauty + Wealth, they have it all, in copious amounts too.

In other words, Aryas are the ultimate race. The slayer race to slay them all, the Arya Putras of Aryavarta.

Suck on it fuckers.
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Finally, Indian Aryas are not just Caucasian, they are well within the range of the genetic cluster of Euro caucasians, unlike most Northern Africans and Arabs, who are all admixed with Negroids. Indians, on the other hand, are admixed with SE Asians, and only a minute amount in the case of Upper Caste Aryas -- it ranges from 5% to 15% at most --not more than 14-15% at the MAXIMUM -- which is no different from the Asian admixture already present in EUROPE -- the Eastern Finns, Northern Russians, the Saami (think Renee Zellwegger), the Tatars, all have admixture ranging from 10-21% East Asian (21% being the upper end with the Saami of Finland and the Tatars in the Caucasus and Russia). Not to mention the fact that Portuguese and Southern Italians have more than noise levels of SSA (Negroid) admixture in levels greater than 5%. So practically only the NW Euros are "pure" but that doesn't mean shit -- because any admixture below 25-30% doesn't have any impact on phenotype or IQ or race. The point is, genetic studies show that Indian Aryas are three times closer to the Northern Euros like the Norwegians, than Northern Asians are to Southern Asians -- in other words, an Indian Upper Caste Arya male is 3 times closer to a Swede than a Northern Chinese man is to a Southern Chinese man or a Thai man. Essentially, to say that Aryas are different from Euros is a fucking joke -- they are both members of the same fucking race. You can't argue with science fucktards: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/ ... Tree-2.png

And there is no such thing as a "White" race -- only a "Caucasian one" -- and within that race, there are HUGE differences in phenotype from each ethnic group to another -- and not only that, Northern Euros cluster differently than Russians, Finns, Southern Euros, and Eastern Euros, and NW Euros and Brits also cluster differently than the rest. Europe is in no way homogenous -- sure, they are all Caucasian and closely related to each other vs. Negroid people or Mongoloid people or Abo people -- but they are certainly not somehow isolated or distinct from Caucasians outside Europe -- which is an arbitrary region of Asia. Therefore, stop hating on your cousins in the rest of Asia -- and that includes Arya Indians, Pakis, Persians, and other ME people.

And to add, a TINY example of Aryan women that are average to BELOW average:

http://www.weddingstylemagazine.com/sit ... k=YTrvAYDJ
http://www.weddingstylemagazine.com/sit ... k=ITHrEWMY



And the former colonization of large parts of India by the British, Dutch, French, Portuguese, and the Norwegians in general saw the new settlers -- the European men -- marrying local women and having many sons with them -- in addition to having many mistresses as well. If they did it, why can't it happen in a country of immigrants like America, where this is supposed to happen? And lets not forget how much these men fucked around in India, professing their love for Indian women, adopting Indian customs and mannerisms and habits, expressing disdain and spouting vitriol about European women, calling them bitches, and openly expressing their preference for and desire for Indian women:


If they can do it, why not Indian men in general, not just Aryas, seeing as they banged both upper and lower-caste women? Hypocrite fucktards. AND INDIAN MEN, BOTH THE ARYAS AND THE LOWER CASTES, ARE GETTING HIGH-E HBBS AS WE SPEAK -- in FACT, ALL the Indian men I KNOW are currently paired with sorority-level high-E HBB women, some of whom I am posting below.

The lower-caste Indian men that I know with High-E HBBs:

The upper-caste men I know with High-E HBBs (I'm only going to post one, I don't have time to post all atm):

Plus, the age-old argument of "Oh noes, marrying an Indian means that the genes of other Caucasians will be diluted and the children won't be/look White" also falls flat on its face, because the progeny of Indians + Other Caucasians 99% of the time looks Euro. And when the Indian in question is an Arya, North Indian Upper-Caste, or even a South Indian Brahmin, the child looks Euro/Caucasian 100% of the time. Case in point, Padma Lakshmi and Adam Dell's daughter, Krishna Thea Dell, who looks more nordic than her father or her mother: http://celebritybabyscoop.com/sites/def ... 224322.jpg

Or take the example of Nikki Bedi, daughter of another South Indian Brahmin father + Euro mother: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/images/epi ... 40_360.jpg

When its an upper-caste North Indian Aryan father, this is what the progeny look like, something out of Hitler Youth:
http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-3z05H1FOEEs/U ... lywood.jpg

Such progeny will NEVER be born of an Arab-Euro union or a North African-Euro union or a Mongoloid-Euro union or an Abo-Euro or Negroid-Euro union, not in the first generation in the case of all, and not till the sixth generation (at least) in the case of Abos and Negroids. Only Aryans from India have the distinction of producing Aryan babies in 1 generation, and they are already Aryan to begin with (0th generation) in the case of upper-caste Aryan Indian Caucasians.

Even in my own family, the progeny of upper-caste men/women are Euros ALWAYS turn out looking Euro. If anything, the Indian Arya genes are recessive. And plus, marrying a Caucasian Indian Arya is WAY more beneficial than marrying a Euro Caucasian due to inbreeding effects, as demonstrated by several studies. SO not only is the phenotype preserved, the genes are also preserved and the IQ increases, and the addition of new MHC antigens further bolsters/strengthens the immune system and leads to the erosion of the expression of recessive genes. Its a win-win.

It goes without saying that all of you incels would gladly give your left testicle to fuck or even kiss any of the Aryan women I listed above, despite the fact that they are below-average. Pathetic.

Essentially, you guys have no argument to stand on. You're fucked.

And always remember, both Arya and Non-Arya Indians will bang your women like no tomorrow:
Like they did Princess Diana: http://i.telegraph.co.uk/multimedia/arc ... 32038b.jpg
Like they did Gwen Stefani: http://assets.rollingstone.com/assets/2 ... 238815.jpg
Like they did Britney Spears: http://www.debbieschlussel.com/archives ... halib2.jpg
Like they did Elizabeth Hurley, the hottest woman in Britain: http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2009/10/ ... 68x295.jpg
Like they did the Princess of Kent: http://s6.photobucket.com/user/Idriel/media/1.jpg.html

They are ULTIMATE slayers. Slayers that slay other slayers in their ability to slay, by slaying fucking PRINCESSES.

I'm not going to waste anymore time on an incel forum, but you guys needed to be enlightened out of your misery. Indian men are ALPHA fuckers. Even the low-caste ones, forget about the upper caste Aryas- they will rape you in every metric known to man. So stop deluding yourself and wake up before its too late. Or keep being jealous of the TRUE ARYANS. You will never be able to measure up to the might of the mighty Indo-Aryan race. Bye fucktards.
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You forgot the part about currycels smelling like a garbage bin.

You smell that? That's the smell of inferiority.

t123456789 wrote:LMAO cumskins getting AMOGGED to oblivion. :razz: :-D

Just lol at u mr indian

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