Bet no one benches higher than me

I benchpressed a 300 pound fatty bitch man. No lie.

Gymcel Chronicles wrote:
6ft5 wrote:I bench 315. Real talk.

Pics or it didnt happen you ginger fagget. TMZcel benched more than that when he posted here anyways. Plus I know guys who bench more.

No I didn't lol. I benched 285

I legit can only bench 135 lbs for one, perhaps with allowance of an extra 10 pounds
This is the extent of my strength loss, which is entirely neuromuscular, I haven’t really lost muscle


did 315x5 and 345x2 in 2010 but am oldcel now
could maaaaybe get 275 on a good day
She wants the d but I've had it out all day for Harambe crew

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