175 dead lift

I pushed with my back too much. I couldn't really use my legs. I suck. But I need that belt. I also teared my soft girly hand as well.
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Lifting's cope
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Its been a long time I didn't go to the gym.

My best lifts are

B : 135x5
S : 175x5
D : 200x3

I did dumbbell benchpress of 100x3
When I did my B pb I was doing 80x6 dumbbell or so. I guess we can extrapolate to a 145x5 potential benchpress but it never occurred.

Good man! I've been out of the gym too, traveled then got sick, basically a whole month without a workout, lost no muscle but gained a couple pounds of fat binge eating when I was sick

I did 12 or 13 pull ups in a row last time in the gym haha must be easier for me at my weight. Nothing impressive.

You may find this interesting FLAYER. Canadian army special forces fitness requirements. They are higher than for US Army rangers or Navy SEALs.

If you aren't a powerlifting bodybuilding olympic athelete who moonlights as a UFC fighter you prob cant get in.

Level 3 is standard.
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I think I'm at level one for the most part for the exception of my vertical jump and possibly a 400m run.

So basically special forces only wants guys who can bench at least 250 lbs and squat at least 3 plates

That's pretty stringent, but honestly it's pretty vital to be able to lift manly amounts of weight, they wouldn't want us lifting only 200 lbs instead of a Chad who lifts 260 yet still meets the endurance requirements


Here's another for you fiends.

The physical fitness manuals can be found online but their strength program seems a bit dumb TBH.

Plus not enough km for running. A former operator on t nation said he would change it to run 20km and keeo the rep range to 1 to 3 for strengrh.
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Comparison heres the navy seal one.

Not saying 1 is better than the other but I think us Canucks only take the cream of the crop for spec ops here.

FYI I heard the best special forces guys are manlets not even joking.
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My mistake thats the US Gayvy not seals
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You're weak concreted bimbo. I deadlifted 575 lbs. Real talk.

Bulking to 170 lbs. Goal lifts: 405 lb atg high bar, 265 bench press, 515 deadlift, pull up with 100 lbs around the waist, 165 overhead press
no belts, straps or knee sleeves

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