Your I.Q. vs current output (effective I.Q.)

Your I.Q. vs current output (effective I.Q.)
Effective I.Q. may be lowered even for years. Though, keep in
mind it still could raise back to the level what nature gave us.


Air quality and oxygen levels in blood

o    Be outside as much as you can
(walk in the woods for the fresh air)

o    Keep indoor air fresh and moist
(raised CO2 levels are bad for brainpower)

o    Make sure that you always can breath
(avoid sleeping with blanket over your head)

o    Make sure that you are acclimated
(being on mountains or countering bad weather)

Healthy sleeping patterns & Working Time

o    Make sure you have slept as much as needed
(be sure that you have cured your last sleep-deprivation)

o    Work in the morning with important tasks
(higher serotonin level, better decisions)

o    Get up naturally or in the familiar way
(lower stress levels, right stage - non-REM )

Healthy diet

o    Base your diet on foods with slow carbs
(important for your blood sugar)

o    Be hydrated & Prefer clean water
(drink besides water green tea, red vine and some juice)

o    Avoid overeating & avoid being on body weight lowering diets
(eating for your brain health)

o    Get enough necessary fats and vitamins
(Omega-3, B-16, B-12)

Free your mind

o    Avoid disturbing sounds
(trains, kids, tinnitus)

o    Be cautious when working when you really want to be somewhere else
(especially to fix important relationship)

o    Improve your environment

o    Avoid multitasking while working with complicated tasks
(multitasking does not only distract, but lowers cognitive powers)

Do not let Social life to hinder your cognitive powers

o    Guard your social status
(avoid getting stressed by lowered social status)

o    Prepare for upcoming events early on
(avoid stress and anxiety)

o    Avoid doing mental work near the people who make you uneasy
(sometimes hot women)

o    Avoid getting doxxed in the web
(be cautious, you do not need extra stress)

Use physical activity for the brain

o    Be physically active, it improves blood flow

o    Do Joga and Tai Chi to calm your mind

Be prepared to do the hard mental work

o    Avoid vegetation for too long
(use your mind, do different things)

o    Believe in yourself
(if you think that you can do better, you will)

Environment, Confidence & Comfort

o    Make sure your desk placement is good
(avoid: your back facing the door, too many windows)

o    Cover the windows when necessary
(direct sunlight, nasty weather, passing people)

Overall mental state:

o    Be careful when working
(accidents and close calls may cause shocks)

o    Avoid mentally exhausting trips
(road full of vehicles, speeding & police)

o    Before important mental tasks avoid getting threatened
(also try to avoid verbal fights and do not do anything silly)

o    Do not lose important things
(safe keys, car keys, important passwords)

o    Avoid using malfunctioning computers
(internet, screen, keyboard, mouse, RAM)

Follow the Advice, Your Brain will Love It !

Note: Effective I.Q. is not just about some test scores, it defines your current limits for everything. Max it out ( ! ) And keep in mind that your thoughts will alter your mind. Your thoughts create neurochemical changes. Some are long-term.
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