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Have you had enough of modern feminist culture? If yes, then you are a member of the far right. The far right isn't just white nationalists, it is also neoreactionaries, the religious right, traditionalists, and even ultra-orthodox jews. Basically anyone who isn't a mindless member of mainstream culture and isn't muslim is going to be viewed as a member of the far right. Embrace the label and join my new forum:
Following the Old Testament, not evil modern culture

3D Face Analysis wrote:Why exclude Muslims?

"It is not only a struggle against Western universalism. It is a struggle against all universalisms, even Islamic ones. We cannot accept any desire to impose any universalism upon others – neither Western, Islamic, socialist, liberal, or Russian. We defend not Russian imperialism or revanchism, but rather a global vision and multipolarity based on the dialectic of civilization. Those we oppose say that the multiplicity of civilizations necessarily implies a clash. This is a false assertion."

Islam today is a form of universalism which wishes to impose itself on everyone.

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