Is there an evolutionary reason we like female feet?

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As someone else said i always look at girls feet and toes besides her face and waist to see how attractive she is.

If a girl has short and fat toes its a huge turn off and i get the mental image of a pig.
If a girl has slim and long toes i perceive her as a delicate flower and would consider her wife-material (you can fall in love with her).

Also i haven't really seen beautiful girls with ugly toes/feet.

Keep in mind Chinese women used to bind their feet to keep them small. Probably they needed a good reason to do that (like some african women try to make their necks taller with rings).

Also girls put a great emphasis on their toes and feet in general. Look at their ankle tattoos, ankle bracelets, toe rings etc. They must know on a subconscious level its one of their strong points in attracting male attention.

I remember when i looked at a hot girl coming out of a club, she had her black dress etc, and wore some nice heels (not very high though) and had beautiful tribal tattoos on her ankles. When she turned her face was beautiful and feminine. I was staring at her like crazy. Almost fell in love.
I really can't see how i could ever love a girl with ugly toes/feet, its like they don't deserve love for me.
I mean..Would you ever love a pig?

If you want to insult a girl you can tell her that she has ugly feet (a more covert way to do it is tell her she has big feet, cause big=not feminine=ugly). Total ego-bomb.
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You might just be a feet fetishist and projecting here.

For me, most important are from most to less:

- ass
- tits
- face
- tights
- feet
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But thanks for the feet insult, would've never come up with that. Good one.
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I have also noticed girls have a subconscious tendency to display their feet either IRL or in photos etc.
It makes them look submissive or something at least from a psychological perspective.

Why do they get so obsessive with shoes also and their size (if they are small or not)?
Feet is a major attraction switch and only girls in their prime have beautiful feet.

Also foot fetish is the most common fetish according to statistics. Its all linked guys.

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