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Suggestions for board features and changes.

I suggest that a meetup section be made on the forums, so incels in the same geographic location can get together and talk about going ER, gaining money, and fucking women.
Maybe they could also do a pilgrimage and go through the life of Elliot Rodgers before he died like going around and throwing hot coffee on whores and telling people they have horse faces.
It should be called something like "Incelcon Meetups"
ER send you to the ER
go ER!!--no better yet go dexter morgan hunt down whores one by one tonights the night bitch

This needs to happen ASAP.

tfw when you will never be able to throw hot coffee at whores with Elliot Rodger.

Wow man what an amazing fucking idea. Get us or at least a good number of us in once place so the FBI/CIA or whoever the fuck can wipe us out in one go. Just lol @ you buddy boy, you fucking sub 60 IQ dick wad.

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