I suggest you to make this forum readable only

Suggestions for board features and changes.

It would make it safer. It would also make no one want to join.

┣▇ SEX MURDER ART▇═─ wrote:for registered users.


Give people the possibility to post without an username like on the "rate me" subforum. This is safer for themes like drugs usage etc.

Disagree with the first point but agree with the second.

It's fun to see the maggots from sites like KiwiFarms masturbate furiously over this website's content.

having an anonymous post ability would be nice, it's especially nice for Tor users because then they all blend together and it requires stylometrics or browser fingerprinting to differentiate them.

┣▇ SEX MURDER ART▇═─ wrote:What´s tor ? Is it the guy with the big hammer ?

I can safely say that this made me LOL IRL :lol: :lol: :lol:

1. Gay
2. Gay

Fuck you OP, it would make this site unusable. Stop inventing new shit, stick to what's proven.

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