good suggestions so far. here's mine..

Suggestions for board features and changes.

1. change the color scheme to bright colors only. dark colored websites are just depressing. copy the misc, basically.

2. limit sigs to ~200 pixels in height. no one wants to see the gay porn some users have or kpop guys turning their heads 20 degrees over and over again. restrict it to clean content, too...

3. as someone else suggested, change the name of the site to "shitty advice" and get "slut" and "hate" is way too negative and not even what the site is about. that sounds like a mgtow site. NO ONE wants to be associated with this site because of its name.

4. the "rate me" subforum should also be where everyone posts their personal progress, just like on so every thread on there is should also include their daily regimen, what they're doing to better their looks, progress pics.

new suggestion, to address the issue of "shitposts."

have a simple thread rating system. every user can click + or -. so when you browse the forum, it'd look somethign like this:

looksmax guide for asians by supmayne +12 2 replies
FUK FAGGITS by Bojack -18 17 replies

the way the forum works now, more replies gets more attention. even if all the replies are like "stfu idiotcel."

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