Display images within posts & signatures for single posters?

Suggestions for board features and changes.

Is there any to edit display images within posts, and edit display signatures for individual posters? That way, we could read an individual's posts, without seeing images displayed by them either in posts or sigs.....while still seeing images from other posters.

Is this possible?

The kiwi farm newbies are posting tons of inane images in their sigs. It's tedious. I'm also tired of the pedos, and the images that they display as well. Is there any way to implement this?

I agree this is the most annoying part of the forum. I think the forum is great, but I have a hard time reading anything because of people posting a lot of images in their signature file. I can't differentiate between the subject matter of the post and the person's signature?

Aside from that this is a great forum, but please do something about this or, at least, can you give us any option to turn off people's signatures?

Thank you!

Under Profile section, you can turn these off yourself. Sorry I didn't see this before posting.

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