Ban amxreborn/martyr prodigy etc on sight

Suggestions for board features and changes.

ShallowGrave wrote:he will never be banned. he has over 1000 IPS!!!! and works off of NSA's computers


ManletLegend wrote:The guy's mentally ill. Even by the standards of this forum.

He's flooding internet forums with his retarded shit and pretending to be a big-shot with "hundreds and thousands of readers". He has so many wannabe identities it's sickening. He's a 35 year old living off welfare and trying to make people click his ridiculously shitty blog.

He also has billions of youtube channels and his shtick is talking to himself through various self-made personas to make him look credible :lol:
The mess of his website is indicative of the mess that is his brain

He's seriously rattled

lol i know is saw his shit on like 1000000 other forums


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