I should be mod here

Suggestions for board features and changes.

Lookism is dead so I might as well be the mod here.

okay so u first have to suck my dick for a good 30 minutes before i give u admin privilege

I vote for realrob as new mod.

strong competition
Life is a whore, just pay your dues and fuck her hard

That would be like being a mayor in a town with 2 people and one of them is about to die.

GottThaGod wrote:That would be like being a mayor in a town with 2 people and one of them is about to die.

Funny how you talk shit about this site being so dead but still post here

Lookism is indeed dead, your home, your own domain, do you not understand your situation? This is not lookism, while you may have been a mod, however that is the in a different time and in a different place.

You pride yourself in being a mod and seek to be one here, however do you not understand that the captains goes down with their ship? A leader inspires loyalty and admiration to his subjects through acts of heroism worthy to be documented and passed down as legends, his deeds shall turn into fables that inspires courage and ignites a flame of passion in children's hearts and songs of his heroic sacrifice will echo through time.

You whom jumped ship the moment the floor beneath you started to creak, when the sun begins to set, when the dusk looms over the horizon, you dived overboard onto a ship that was still afloat, leaving behind those whom followed you to face the dead of the night, you are quite despicable.

And you have the audicaty to spout such a ludicrous drivel


You insult us, vermin
O'my desolate soul
In my desolate home
It's my desolate role
I'm here all alone

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