do we need 30 subforums?

Suggestions for board features and changes.

Whats the point of having forums with 5 threads? It adds clutter and makes the subforums seem less active, they should be reduced, we need 8 at the most. It also confuses people and makes the entire forum seem dead.

Lol. PUAhate supposedly only had like 1 forum and everything was posted there.

Cuckism has like 3 forums, but everyone posts on SA there.
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Aesthetics Dr Lux wrote:Damn, we are tired of seeing SuperMan and JapanMan in your Sig. Too much to scroll down (ggrrr).

InB4: At least I have a reason for my long Sig -- I got propaganda to disseminate in this Forum.
Gymcel Chronicles wrote:Society creates monsters much like Dr Frankenstein but takes 0 responsibility as normalfags do.
mrz wrote:Some people deserve to die and they should be killed ASAP
nada para fazer wrote:Both tyger and superincel are very bad people


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