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Good idea. When new opt-in/opt-out system comes, where people can view all sub-forums as one (they themselves choose which ones are included), then forum comes into new life. I surely hope that this system comes. :wink:

Too much subforums is not a good thing.
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If comes the day where we could look all forums (in our choice) as one, then it would be great if threads would be categorized for fast search and overview.

Then we would need a good team to categorize threads what some users have posted into wrong section (or used wrong option to send their post into right directory).

Of course when users opt out from some forums then they can miss some good threads (what they would liked to see) or some morons opt out too much (not from one forum) and miss tons of threads what would had liked to them. But I see previous as an only (small) downside in the great innovation! So we need the new system!

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