The main reason why people left sluthate

Suggestions for board features and changes.

LoserFanboy wrote:give me a yelloe name I want to be a legend, Please;.

if you give him one give me one too

reddit is cancerous when it comes to politics
site is bought and paid for by special interests

LoserFanboy wrote:It's a FACT 3D runs pua, he gets pussy, he slays daily,
THis is a fact

This is actually Legit.
dude gets more ass than a toilet seat

the reason people leavee this garbage site is because i still dont have my yellow name ffs
victim count : 40

phallusfag, Iced Cunt, Feabie, Anal_Lina , mvpiss, mrsz, wannabitch, Negrocoxxyx, Rotting Pussy, fucktheworldwoman, Evershitty, FGAYER, LoserFagboy, terminus, Jewtant, ragequitcurrycel2, Whiteshit, pinkunicuck, Vergin, Misanthrope, procucktion, SuperCurrycel93, nada para foder, Exobaldus, MegaCUCK, 3DFAG, Taster Poya, FAGA, Tyloon Gook, catalina4, New2Asslicking, iluvallmen, TonyaTTT, Nightmare, Asscutted101,Fecal Prolpases, fatjade, SMDfag, AutisticGaymer, randomwhore

O Gandy lend me your protection from this inferno
Bless me to emerge as one of your dearest infants
Interdict me from drowning in the abyss of darkness
Turn me into Holy light that brings surety to the masses
Shall I duck the catastrophe would be thanks to you

personally, I prefer this site stay the way it is over having an influx of faggots come here
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LoserFanboy wrote:
terminate wrote:This is actually Legit.
dude gets more ass than a toilet seat

It's not intended to be accurate.

As the olny mod he has let a lot of shit slide.

like what?
imo the nada para faggot Troll needs to get banned/

3D Face Analysis wrote:I added a new domain for this site ( created a shoutbox, and removed the tomato-splatter logo.
All those improvements still had zero impact at increasing traffic at SlutHate.

Now I know the actual reason people aren't interested in browsing SlutHate:

Mainly because SlutHate lacks content.
There is a lack of content on SlutHate.
For the past 24 hours, there were only 50 new threads. Half of the 50 daily new threads were shitposts.
People are getting tired of typing SlutHate in their browser and only finding 25 or so new threads daily.

Imagine if things were different. Imagine if there were 500 new threads daily on SlutHate, and very few of them were shitposts, then people would be interested in browsing this site again.

Content is king.
This is why ugly sites like reddit and fitmisc are so popular.
Those sites have a lot of fresh content that is posted daily.
People don't care about other things if your site has quality fresh content. People won't care about design if your site has quality fresh content. People won't even care about the functionality if you have quality fresh content.
Reddit, due to its upvote system, will automatically hide all "shitposts." This improves the "quality" of content and will thereby increase its traffic.

So the order of importance is: content > functionality > design > domain name


I think,

I start coming here via (tho even this address looks way weaker it is more disguised from "abnormality".)

I drifted away again primarily because lookism had so much more rapid responses to threads it's closer to IRC than a forum just with how instantaneous the communications are, sluthate is more reminiscent of a mailing list. I'm drifting back here now though because lookism is being flooded with normie drones.

FLAYER wrote:
3D Face Analysis wrote:Some bullshit....

So the order of importance is: content > functionality > design > domain name

Circular logic, faggot

The dearth of post turnover is due to lack of traffic, although of course it does deter potential users who find their way to the site

The real reasons for people leaving the site are 1. shitty promotion, 2. Loss of puah8 users due to assumedly rushed shutting down of the old forum, 3. name of the website

Yeah. The traffic is down because the traffic is down.

The real problem, as always, is Donald Trump. All the yanks who posted here about hating women in 2014/15 have now joined up with with the Trumpettes on ROK and other manosphere comment sections, where they feel they are part of some kind of revolution.
The entire political crisis at the moment in the US is fueled by Incels who can't get laid fighting Feminists who get laid via obeying women.
This couldn't be clearer when you think about it. The main campaign issue was Pussy Grabbing. The word Cuck has actually become common parlance.

But just like Warcraft players or Star Wars fans they obliviate all awareness of sexual problems by immersing themselves in the obsession. The only difference is this is 24 hour worldwide news.

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