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Since most of what is posted here is nonsense and most users spend time flaming each other, we should have the opposite of rep points. Bullshit points.

Every post has an icon next to it that you click if it's bullshit. Next to each users name and avatar is a massive pile of bullshit that grows as their posts get bullshitted. Depending on the size of the pile each user is awarded a title. Instead of Rooshv style titles like "Supreme player", everything is negative like "Sperglord" "Basement dweller" "nutjob" "delusional fucktard". the highest praise would be "possibly legit".

Also the total number of posts would be taken into account, so that the biggest pile of bullshit would be those with a low post count with a large bullshit score. So whereas on a PUA site it takes time to build up rep, when some idiot turns up spouting PUA nonsense here they will immediately be labeled as a bullshitter.

What do you think?

inb4: Bullshit

Good idea.
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