Request to Admins and Mods: Delete Thread (Google Risk)

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Hello Admins and Mods,

This is your new member Confederate Kid (23). Thanks for letting me into your web forum.

I wonder if I could ask you to delete the thread below:

I have reposted this thread now due to the previous s**t poster 'Guest' who has fowled up this thread in Page 2. Unfortunately, a Google search for 'Asian Incel' puts this in the to 10 search results. This really looks bad for the Slut Hate website to have unwittingly posted the heinous poo-porn images in the thread for the world to see. This will come as a shock to many who will then stay away from the website. Hope you can do it.

Thanks & best regards,
Confederate Kid (23)

PostThis post by cats was deleted by puanewb on Thu Mar 10, 2016 11:26 am.
Reason: Requested via PM

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