my observations

ive worked in construction and the biggest slayers are always high T dom brute deathnikks like niggerjoshua.
niggerjoshua is ugly but he is hyper masculine DOM slayer, proof that you need to look like a MAN, not an alien like o pry or a girl like chico

i got mogged to oblivion being near this DOM roided chechen at my construction site, my emaciated body looked pathetic next to him
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ive completely stopped doing hard drugs and now im on a beginner cycle of test e 500mg in hopes of becoming a monster :twisted: ive also dyed my naturally blonde hair raven black. if you dont believe me just watch the machinist
watch the scene where trevor (christian bale) meets ivan (John Sharian). he gets BRUTALLY MOGGED
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inceljoshua wrote:I am a gigolo

youre a low class nigger though

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