lol man how shitty ur voice has to be to swap it

I dont want to say because you will clown me more. On a scale from 1 to 10 its a -1000. I have a speech impediment. But so did Mike Tyson and I admire Mike Tyson. He came from poverty, got bullied alot and had a bad lisp but he became a great success.

inceljoshua wrote:Unlike Mike Tyson, you will never have success.

If you give up and cry in a corner and feel sorry for yourself all day you definitely wont. But if you put in work try and try again until you do then you do. Just because something is hard or even impossible you just wanna quit? No you dont quit you get up and do it. Done deal. You dont sulk or whine about it. You STFU and go for it. Day by day.

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