What happened to ona lina and anal prolapse?

Remember back when we used to talk here all the time when nobody else ever came here?

they are both still posting

i personally am posting on youtube btw. its more effective.

the other incel site has so many members and so many changed or new pseudonyms that it is rather disorienting to me. I like the activity, but the close knit community feeling of SH and Lookism is largely absent in the chaos.

I'm still here. My thriving business has been keeping me occupied as of late, but rest assured I am alive and well.


My Father is immersed in other ventures outside Sluthate that consume all of his time

Ona Lina wifed up his long-time sexual partner Inceljoshua and together they had a stillborn crossdresser child. Which one of them gave birth remains unspecified due to the fact that they both inseminated each other's assholes. Despite all this Ona Lina still actively spams Sluthate's chat to this day.

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