Anal prolapses conned me out of my money

To make manners clear right off the bat, this is the AP who I did business with:

I paid him $50 USD in exchange for one of his many products, and get this: not only did it arrive at my PO box 2 days later than promised, with some of the worst packaging I've ever seen. It had no foam nor protective wrapping to speak of, it was practically shipped in nothing but a cardboard box, surely dropped many times going past transit.
But it also was a nongenuine product, a low quality knock-off made in China which somehow proved to be even lower quality than it looked.

I acknowledge the relationship some people here have with Anal prolapses. But I believe the account linked above to be a fraud. I for one will never be doing business with this AP ever again, he is a frauding weasel who conned me out of my money, along with now refusing to reply to the complaints I've sent him. It's well known that the real AP upholds a high standard of quality and customer service which this runt does not.

So let my poor experience serve as a warning to you all, it is highly likely that the AP whom's address is shown above, is a cheat and a conman. I suspect he has taken part in tax evasion among many other shady practices.

However I am willing to believe that the true Salesman is still here.
so If you are to do business with Anal prolapses, let it be with the legitimate one who's located at this address:

A business proposal/investment traded on a forum called with a user called Anal Prolapse.

What could possibly go wrong?

I would like to make you aware that it is no one's fault but your own, you should always double verify that the man you are doing business with is me. This is easily done by simply asking me to confirm what your identifying information is. This is of course meant in no disrespectful way, you are very much a valued customer.

It is unfortunate that you fell victim to a weasel fronting as yours truly. Because of this I'm glad to inform you that word of this has made it straight to Gandy himself and the fraud will be faced with punishment in due time. Reply to the private message I've sent you and you will get a vastly discounted price with expedited shipping on any product of your choosing, to make up for your troubles.

PS. Ignore the comment above mine. He clearly has no idea what it is he's talking about.
-The Salesman

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