Ona Lina has a mulatto nigger brother

Aesthetics Dr Lux wrote:Seriously, we think you are Rotting Penis (Anal Prolapse, Necrotoxic, Filthier Than Whale, LoserFanBoy).

You 'Onaddicted' boyz, including 'mvp' and 'ConcernedBimbo', cannot even start your day without your daily psychological 'fix' of provocation of- and validation by sweet Ona Lina in her Ontario, the Canada. How will you survive when, one day, she leaves this Forum (^_^) ?

The day you leave this forum will be a day of Celebration.

whereas Ona herself is a full nigger tranny prostitute with a castrated cock.



Who's her clientele anyway?

Can you picture that in your mind?

Better don't.

but well done, sir. You are the detective of exposure.
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Onan_Lin, this is only my second account, strayed goose. You don't know chit.

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