I am working on this routine

Bare with me its a rough draft for a full body concurrent periodization intermediate lifting routine

Max effort Lower. Rep method for lats tris bis

Max effort upper. Rep method for quads hams and core

Hypertrophy 3 to 5 sets of 8 to 12

Week 1 (1RM)
Week 2 (2RM)
Week 3 (3RM)
Week 4 Pick new variation


Heavy Lower, Volume Upper
Back squat or squat variation* up to 1-3RM back down to 50% of main for 3 x 5-8

Deadlift or DL variation once or twice a week for 6x1

Biceps, Triceps, Lats  50-200 Reps for each

Heavy Upper, Volume Lower

Bench Press or Bench Press Variation* up to 1-3RM back down to 50% of main for 3-5x8

quads hams and core 50-200 Reps for each



Squat variations I like to use:
Box squat, high bar squat, zercher squat

Bench variations I like to use:
Board press, floor press, incline bench press

Deadlift variations I like to use:
Rack pull, sumo, trapbar



Etc so you can workout for 2-4 days but a minimum of 2.

Can add endurance programming on rest days. I like to go for outdoor runs after strength training

Before working in a westside and Bulgarian style method my bench was stuck at 155 for 5 for a month.

Hitting the same bodypart more than once a week is better for hypertrophy than a day dedicated to a single bodypart ie a brosplit.

You are not working to your true 1-3RM but to 95% of it. At a bare minimum you are going in doing 85% of your max.

You start off at a warmup set ie 95 lbs for bench work up to your max ie 205. Shouldnt take longer than 2 minutes for rest in between sets. I like the Bulgarian approach and try for a new PR every workout.

Maximally workouts should last 45 to 60 mins as your t levels drop after that.

You do a similar exercise to the competition style after you max out to give the CNS a rest. Similarly that is whu you go balls to the wall week 1 then lower week 2 and down to 3 rm week 3.

For heavy lifts I never exceed 3 reps.

Backdown sets are for working on technique and increasing work capacity. Chinese Olympic weightlifters use these sort of backdown sets. Its also featured as a part of the assistance work for 5 3 1.

If you dont know wtf you are doing or are still not trained on the lifts id practice first.

I went through a phase where I masturbated around about periodized routines and glamorous horseshite but I eventually realized it's not important (ain't nuthin but a peanut)

When it comes down to it, putting numbers down on a paper doesn't really address the true issue for us novice to intermediates, we neeed to stop jerkin' off and do the work, then get the proper rest

Your body doesn't know percentages, only tension and work. It's also really easy to delude yourself by ego lifting and call a 95% effort an 85% effort


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ConcernedBimbo wrote:You think fapping has no effect?

It's good to get off every few days probably, has some strategic and stress lowering benefits
But mental masturbation is for tools. That's what we do here on sluthate, but we do it about looks and redpill not about periodization. Leave the periodization for the experts who are actually advanced or elite lifters

Yeah lol keep it simple. Unless you're aiming for world class performance, you're not gonna need a program like that.... unless you're role playing.

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