What do you think of this story?

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Is it even possible for a dude to even be 1200 ng/dL natty in the first place.

How likely is it to lose 900 ng/dL over the course of a couple months if you are natty?

Do you think there was a mistake in the first measurement? Was he even natty?

I believe that the first measurement was printed wrong.
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Since we're in the era of anabolic steroids, we can't be sure anyone is natural unless they are tested very frequently for multiple hormone levels, given an expensive muscle biopsy or carbon isotope test, or all three, i do believe that 1200 ng/dl is possible natty, it's just somewhere in likelihood between 99th percentile and Usain Bolt level in terms of rarity, nowadays

Then again I don't trust much data on the topic of average T levels anyway, it's far fetched to me that our grandpas supposedly had over 1000 ng/dl back until the 60s
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Consider that I've tested above 900 once and that I build muscle like at the rate of a toddler- I don't know what to think

Damn, alright then.
We both don't know what to think :|
I also don't believe that people had over 1000 ng/dL in the 60s and earlier. There is no proof of that.

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