Bideltoid and biacromial increase in American males

I'm not american. It doesn't concern me.
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ConcernedBimbo wrote:I'm not american. It doesn't concern me.

You can do better than that, give us your thoughts, hypotheses, and more

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So, what I've just read is about soldiers antropometric changes from 1988 to 2012. Comparaison would have more significance if the army remained the same 29 years ago. Since such case is impossible, we must speculate on the reason why the changes happened.
This is suggest that selection criterias have changed since 1988 and more fit, stronger, better framed candidates are chosen more than framecels. As we've noted, females are 1 cm shorter than before, but their asses are 5.5cm bigger. Simply, females are chosen based on their attractiveness because the same butt circumference on someone shorter gives the illusion of a bigger ass. This is just another case of lookism.

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