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The truth is that sexy/hot/handsome/pretty/appealing people have a higher status.

If two people do the exact same mistake, the more attractive person would receive more compassion whereas the ugly bastard will be judged harshly.

When you are pretty, you can get away with more sins in the human world.

We have an inbuilt mechanism for appreciating aesthetics. Beauty simply feels right while ugliness comes with darkness, depression, and sorrow – things that no one wants. When a beautiful person dies, it’s a tragedy. When an ugly person dies, it’s life.

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Legit, I had never read that before. Didn't know he was that RPed


Is it always the same author?
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FLAYER wrote:Legit, I had never read that before. Didn't know he was that RPed

I just found it after looking into Layne Nortons routines which aren't good for natties.

The girl had a lot of male friends. Most of them were muscular, ripped and had tattoos suggesting profound masculinity. All of the men were desperately trying to look like the tough guys you see in movies. Interestingly enough, she liked all the photos of guys doing lame bodybuilding poses in front of the bathroom mirror.

“So this is what girls like. I knew it,” said Harry and activated depression mode.

Unfortunately for Harry, the guys had physiques on another level compared to him. Their arms made his look like something that belongs on a puppy.

“Can I look like those guys naturally? Can I earn a like from a girl without injecting hormones in my maximus? Can I do it without sacrificing my hair,” asked Harry.

Moments later, Harry began feeling the heat again. It was stronger than before. It was in his brain.

From same article dayum

From his ebook

In the age of Facebook and Instagram motivation, it is not politically correct to talk about limitations. The people who say “This is impossible.” are presented as losers and bitter haters who just want to bring everyone down in the misery pit. This has resulted in the formation of a “positive” crowd living in the clouds. We have transformed into delusional dreamers creating alternate realities where everything is possible. The truth, however, is that there are limitations wherever you look. Since I have no problem with being the guy who brings the bad news, I am going to present you what it takes to reach your genetic potential as a lifter/bodybuilder/guy who lifts or whatever title you have chosen for yourself in the world of muscle and iron.

Genetic Limitations

I’ve said it many times and will say it again. Most of what we are, we owe to genetics one way or another. Your physical qualities and even character are genetically predetermined. From the color of your hair to your hometown, everything is genetic and marks your life forever. Nobody asks you what you want. You receive what the calculations of this life machine have prepared for you. Some of the stats are good, others not so much. We are at the mercy of our genetics. If you don’t believe me, just look at things that have happened to you in the past. Look at the things you like and don’t like. Everything is a result of elements you don’t control. No result is ever just a coincidence or a choice. Even though genetics are everywhere, their role becomes most apparent when we talk about physical characteristics and limitations. Every aspect of your given physical traits is genetic. Muscle gains do not make an exception in the slightest. There is a limit to what can be accomplished regardless of the way you train and eat.

Lie 17: A Good Body Can Compensate For a Bad Face The element that matters the most when it comes to looks is the face of the person. It ranks on top of everything else. No matter how many steroids you take and how much muscle you add to your frame, you can never compensate fully for having a monkey face. Having a nice body can help and makes for decent a consolation award, but it cannot hide the fundamental flaw. I know that’s little harsh, but it’s true. The good news is that pretty is often subjective if not overrated.

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