Measure your arms bros

How big is that shit?

Mine are 13 inches flexed



Mine 12 ish. I'm shit tier.
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Gymcel Chronicles wrote:
FLAYER wrote:How big is that shit?

Mine are 13 inches flexed


Wtf? Sorry bro that's small as shit

What are yours big boy ?
Remember, I've got small wrists and hands

That's small. Are you sure you're measuring the right place

Phac and Kidincel, what are yours measuring at

Fuck You wrote:
MY routine:


On floor one hand at time and another hand assisting (holding working hand still, clean form):

+ sometimes some other exercises

+ biceps from many angles (hand turned inside, outside, everything else)
(main exercise with one barbell at time, hand against stomach ..)

All series till death. Except warm-ups with very light weight.

Also I did forearms, like this (another side also ofc):

Flexed I'm 15.8" for arms. I measured twice to make sure and was tight as possible. I used to be a curlbro.

Last summer when I didn't do legs people said my arms were bigger than my quads kek.

They prob got smaller since I hardly do arms anymore.

Fairly lean arms for the most part. Anyways I know plenty of guys with bigger arms. And my arms have always been big like my dad and my uncle it's genetics.

Do a shit tonne of high rep tricep extensions, Hammer curls and Ez bar curls. That's mostly all I do for arms tbh

My arms will probably never reach 15" without roids

Mabe like one of my hands and omost one iphon, how long is that?

That's about like mine, 12-13 inches ^

Aesthetics Dr, I wonder what hers are?

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