This online IQ test accurately guessed my professional IQ

I did OP's test earlier today, scored 29/33, though I didn't answer to questions 26-29. Note: I didn't read comments and I did not know what they want. Now as I looked again, I feel bad about it. As they are just pairs, not something else. As told there. Limp wrist.

ADL: I know where are some tests with explanations (in High IQ foundation site), are you interested to see. I have not worked those materials trough by myself. But should do. I think it wouldn't be big problem to add them here and work those trough as they are public. Edit: Just one sec, I try to recover from my brain where I saw them.
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It is interesting, how far we could get if we would study. Rick Rosner, the famous alleged high scorer in many IQ tests claimed that he studied a lot to become better.

Many claim that experience, practice will not help much.

Your scored 29 correct (out of a possible 33).
This implies an IQ of approximately 162 on the European/Cattell scale (stdev 24),
or about 141 on the Stanford-Binet/USA scale (stdev 16).

Given your fairly high score, you might be interested in HikeTheGeek or Project Sifter.

Also, note this test is pretty useless for Cattell scores over 160 or so, so if you're in that range, ignore this score and find a test designed for higher IQs.

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"A temporary lowering of intelligence is experienced as pleasant and often mistaken for raised (widened, enhanced) awareness or enlightenment. The attraction of many recreational drugs and methods of meditation rests largely on this misleadingly positive perception."

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"practice effect"
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Has anyone effectively done it (besides alleged top-notch scorer R. Rosner)?

Aesthetics Dr Lux wrote:Above: The quote could describe Mrz's claim that his mind expands when he takes illicit drugs. If he thinks that it increases his intelligence, he should take a drug and do an IQ test. I am willing to bet that it will make him perform worse in any timed test (Lol).

I imagine most recreational drugs would indeed cause me to perform more poorly on intelligence tests. Perhaps a low dose of amphetamine or modafinil would be an exception, I'm not certain. Taking recreational drugs changes the operation of my mind, the new state is not necessarily one in which I could more adeptly express intelligence. Typically my ability to express intelligence is impaired by recreational drugs. Nevertheless, I enjoy thinking with different styles. I mean, marijuana causes me to think more visually internally but it impairs by verbal expressivity, resulting in statements that only fuzzily map to my internal intention, with numerous near misses with word selection, and with considerably more effort required to speak and communicate clearly. Nevertheless, it increases my associative branching, metaphorical, and abstract thought, in a sense it defragments my mind by causing rapid associative thought firing that is framed visually internally, even if it impairs my ability to put words to the visualization to communicate it appropriately. LSD also causes an assortment of thought patterns and so on that I don't note with a sober mind frame, one example that comes to mind is hyperthreading my thought whereby I rapidly rotate between protocognition to cognition to metacognition and have an acute awareness of the various stages of thought that gives me the impression of having multiple threads of thought simultaneously running in my mind, whereas when I'm sober things seem more single threaded like a solid line of thought rather than an intuit followed by a thought followed by a dissociated third person perspective of the thought to externally analyze it, though even in sobriety I can recognize all three stages, on LSD the distinction between the modes of thought, and the discrete nature of the modes and the switching between them, becomes more salient. LSD also lends itself to very vivid spontaneous memory recollections and a dreamlike introspection and ego analysis. It's hard for me to attribute any profound insights or mental abilities or anything to drugs, I couldn't tell you one way or the other how they've affected my mind in the long term, but certainly they acutely put me into altered states of consciousness, of which there are many general sorts I've become familiar with, and I wouldn't necessarily argue utility to having been in numerous alternate states of mind, but unambiguously there is great entertainment value and recreation to be had. I also have little doubt that if so desired various drugs could be used as tools toward goals of influencing the mind, for example MDMA strikes me as great for PTSD or otherwise for catalyzing a therapeutic relationship, and I can imagine and have read of numerous uses for LSD and mushrooms as well.

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