Hello All Good Men and Girls Who Hate the Sluts in the West,

Welcome to the study group for Forum Members who are studying the Zolmega internet IQ Test.

We can discuss our strategies and progress in this subject post.

The Test:

There is no registration. There are 20 questions with no time limit. It gives instant feedback of results.

Report your score to our High IQ Club Subject Thread:


DR. PHACLOGAGE began 21* March. Present Results (22 March):

Solved Questions:

Q.01 (1st attempt)
Q.02 (1st attempt)
Q.03 (1st attempt)
Q.04 (1st attempt)

Q.06 (1st attempt)
Q.07 (1st attempt)
Q.08 (1st attempt)
Q.09 (1st attempt)
Q.10 (1st attempt)
Q.11 (1st attempt)
Q.12 (1st attempt)
Q.13 (1st attempt)
Q.14 (1st attempt)
Q.15 (1st attempt)

Q.17 (1st attempt)
Q.18 (1st attempt)
Q.19 (1st attempt)
Q.20 (1st attempt)

Interim Total: 18/20 = IQ-168


P.S. We started our next successive group (6th) by ourselves because our curator Dr. Lux is on a vacation.
(Though we could expect her to keep an eye on us.) ;)
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Update: Solved Q.19 & Q.7 (analyzed the latter one deeply)

Tnx ... I will continue later.

As those two remaining items are difficult for me (feels so) and those may need a lot of time (from me), I will pause it now. As I began to read some interesting books ( + extra from web) and I already had lot of question what were (are) waiting answers, I take few days (or weak off) from IQ tests.

Damn, my heart feels broken & I feel like beaten up.

Though, I add share notes (tips):

Q.05 seems to use disguised numerical symmetry (7 in the middle).

Q.16 may be based on simple subtraction ( - ) , reversed example 33 + 34 = 67 and so on

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