Suspicious brain speed test

CAUTION: Maybe it gives valid result only when you do it in the first time (if you want to do it again then open a new ignito window or smth). Though maybe it does not give valid results at all. I tested it many times and seems that it gives superior scores if you do it again. And we can not compare our RAW scores either because, it may vary its speed* based on your ongoing performance ... needs further testing.

*note: speed in different "levels" is obv different and it is not the case atm


How fast is your brain?

How fast is your brain

Find out how quickly your brain processes information with this 5-minute test. Are you as fast as world-renowned neuroscientist Dr. Mike Merzenich?

Brain speed is important because faster brains are better equipped to keep up with the pace of modern life. With faster brain processing, you can react more quickly when driving, follow conversations better, improve your abilities in sports—and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

For this brain speed test, Dr. Merzenich has chosen two BrainHQ exercises: "Hawk Eye” and "Mixed Signals."

BrainHQ from Posit Science

BrainHQ from Posit Science is your personal brain gym. It is an online program with more than 20 exercises that work out your memory, brain speed, attention, intelligence, and people skills. Built by a team of scientists under the renowned Dr. Michael Merzenich, the BrainHQ exercises have been clinically proven to strengthen many aspects of brain function. Nearly 70 published papers have shown that BrainHQ exercises improve memory by 10+ years, speed up processing by 130%+, dramatically improve driving safety and confidence, help people keep up with the busy demands of life, and even keep people happier.

What They Measure

These assessments measure two types of brain processing speed.

“Hawk Eye” checks your visual processing speed. It measures how quickly you can discriminate objects in your visual field.

“Mixed Signals” requires you to use both visual and auditory processing. It tests how quickly you can sift out important information from distractions.

91st percentile on the first try. I have fast reflexes in physical sports such as boxing too


96th percentile on the first try xD

only did hawk eye though
victim count : 40

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