go fuck yourself std ridden idiot
Life is a whore, just pay your dues and fuck her hard

Nice find Dr. Lux.

Actual answer uses very straight forward approach, because of that I didn't look further. I never saw what you saw;)

We have seen it many times

Dr. Lux claims that she didn't see the right answer

First when she came here, she claimed an IQ of 90, then she got called out on it

Later he admitted that it isn't so low

But what is happening now, she is trying the same old tricks ( ! )

Aesthetics Dr Lux wrote:
Uh, oh. When I was Aro Mirakov, it was Flayer (clever chap) who called us out and said that we could not possibly be IQ-81, IQ-84, or IQ-90. But this was long before you joined this Forum. You must have been a silent 'observer' before you joined the Forum (ha ha).

I discovered this forum few years ago (when ER took the forum down and sluthate came up), maybe I read some threads, but that was all in that time. I came here again on December 2016 and when I saw you know what, I registered myself here, too. This IQ-80, IQ-90 thing.. I just searched to see what other tests user have taken here ...
Also, I accidentally discovered threads about crazy Thonis and his alleged pics (old facebook), saw some your old alts and Father threads about perceived Reality etc. So I know few things.

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